Gray: LeBron didn't pay me for 'The Decision'

Jim Gray joined "The Dan Patrick Show" on the one-year anniversary of LeBron James’ “The Decision.” Gray did the interview for what has become a very controversial event over the last year.

Gray explained he was at a restaurant in Los Angeles during the NBA finals and ran into Maverick Carter. Agent Ari Emanuel was there and thought it was a great idea. Gray asked if he could do the first interview, since he had a long history with LeBron. That evolved into them airing the decision live.

「The Decision」的訪問主播Jim Gray昨天透過「The Dan Patrick Show」解釋, 去年,NBA打到總決賽的時候,LeBron的經紀人(Maverick Carter)在洛杉磯的一家 餐廳遇到他,然後問他是否願意第一個來採訪LeBron的決定,Gray聽他講了LeBron 過去許多事情後,逐漸談到後來他們在電視上的直播。

Dan asked Gray what LeBron's mood was like before. ”You could tell this wasn't something was easy for him,” Gray said. “It wasn’t jovial. There wasn’ any champagne or any corks going off. … I think it was a tough deal for him.”

Gray thinks it was harder than people realized for LeBron to leave Cleveland. “I think he tried his best to stay a Cavalier,” Gray said. “I think it was hard for him to recruit anyone.”

脫口秀的主持人問Gray,LeBron當時的情緒是怎麼樣?他說,當時並不是值得用香檳 慶祝的氣氛,他覺得LeBron是很難說出口的,他認為這比人們意識到LeBron要離開克 里夫蘭還難。Gray認為他有嘗試想要留在克里夫蘭,但他留在那裡很難招來更好的人 幫助他。

Gray said he didn’t know where LeBron was going before he asked. He said he wanted to be real, and he didn’t want to risk giving up the information.

“I could tell by the time he sat in the chair, he was not staying in Cleveland,” Gray said.

Gray當時不曉得LeBron會選擇去哪一隊,因為他想保留整個訪問的真實性,而且他不 想冒著洩露消息的風險(可能是怕被經紀公司告),我只能說當時他坐在椅子上,心思 不在克里夫蘭。

Gray said that part of the reason everyone is so upset with LeBron is partly because he didn’t go to all those other cities. Gray said he’s surprised so many people are still so angry about it.

Dan asked if he could have a mulligan, what would he do differently. Gray said he wished that he explained why they were at the Boys' and Girls' club.

Gray said that he’s upset people lie about him. Especially when they say that LeBron paid Gray to do the interview. Gray said that he didn’t get paid at all … it was for charity. “I wasn’t going to be the only going to be paid,” Gray said.

Gray認為人們之所以會那麼失望,是因為LeBron並沒有去人們心中所想的城市,他也 很驚訝那些人們至今還懷恨在心。主持人問他如果重新來過,他是否會做些改變? Gray說,那時候他感到失望,想要出面解釋。因為人們謠言說他收了LeBron的錢來做 採訪,但實際上並沒有...那些錢捐給了慈善機構「Boys' and Girls' club」。

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標題:LeBron James' 'Decision' helps Boys & Girls Clubs in Northeast Ohio


Clubs in Cleveland, Akron and Elyria report receiving a total of more than $480,000, part of about $2 million that James has distributed nationwide since the July broadcast, billed as "The Decision."

In addition to the $2 million cash contribution, James arranged for the donation of $500,000 in computers from Hewlett-Packard and $500,000 in gear from Nike. Fifty-nine Boys & Girls Clubs across the country are receiving help from James.