apt and yum

purpose apt aptitude yum
update repo list apt-get update aptitude update none
install package apt-get install package_name aptitude install package_name yum install package_name
intall from file dpkg -i package.deb yum install package.rpm
rpm -ivh package.rpm
remove package apt-get remove package_name aptitude remove package_name yum remove package_name
check outdated package apt-get -s upgrade aptitude -s upgrade yum check-update
check single outdated package apt-get -s upgrade packge_name
apt-cache policy package_name
aptitude -s upgrade package_name yum check-update package_name
update package apt-get upgrade package_name aptitude package_name yum update package_name
rpm -Uvh package_name
search package apt-cache search package_name aptitude search package_name yum search package_name
list installed package dpkg -l yum list installed
rpm -qa
show package information apt-cache show package_name aptitude show package_name yum info package_name
remove packages from the local cache directory apt-get clean aptitude clean yum clean all


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