It's not their choice

NBA player select system create for keep balance for each team, the league let the team with bad rank have prior select privilege, but the truth is, it's not work, it's only cause the hate.

Let's see the first pick in last ten years

  • 2011 Kyrie Irving
  • 2010 John Wall
  • 2009 Blake Griffin
  • 2008 Derrick Rose
  • 2007 Greg Oden
  • 2006 Andrea Bargnani
  • 2005 Andrew Bogut
  • 2004 Dwight Howard
  • 2003 Lebron James
  • 2002 Yao Ming
Kyrie Irving

  • Cleveland Cavalier
  • 21W 45L 13/15 in Eastern during 2011-2012

A talented pg, Cavalier won 19 lost 63 in 2010-11, and won 21 lost 45 in 2011-12, no obvious improvment, people like to said Cavalier build the team around LeBron James, so he is a asshole when he choose to leave, the truth is, they won 61 lost 21 was the best team in estern during the season 2009-10 with LeBron, and become the last team in next year, and the crew is not change too much, great teammates around LeBron huh?

The last year Michael Jordon in Bulls they won 57 lost 25 during 1992-1993, and after Micheal retired they won 55 lost 27 during 1993-1994.

John Wall

  • Washington Wizards
  • 20W 46L 14/15 in Eestern during 2011-2012

A nice pg with power and speed, but bad in shooting and turnovers, especially 3 points shoot.

Blake Griffin

  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • 40W 26L 5/15 in Eestern during 2011-2012

A powerful guy with good sport ability and nice dribbling, the team is a playoff level team, but not even close to the championship, and he suffered from injury a lots, keep healthy is important than anything.

Derrick Rose

  • Chicago Bulls
  • 50W 16L 1/15 in Eastern during 2011-2012

Bulls is a traditional competitive team which really build the team for their all star player, but Rose was injured in often too, injury is the biggest risk for every player in any game.

Greg Oden

  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • 28W 38L 11/15 in Wastern during 2011-2012

Nothing to comment, as I said, you have nothing without health.

Andrea Bargnani

  • Toronto Raptors
  • 23W 43L 11/15 in Eastern during 2011-2012
Andrew Bogut

  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • 31W 35L 10/15 in Eastern during 2011-2012
Dwight Howard

  • Orlando Magic
  • 37W 29L 6/15 in Eastern during 2011-2012

The best C currently, transfer to other team after he talk about the loyalty to the team, sometimes not only players is moron but also team, Orlando have a weird trade that they send their best player to Lakers but get nothing good for team obviously, they like to raise a great C and send them to Lakes such as Shaq O'neal.

LeBron James

  • Cleveland Cavalier
  • 21W 45L 13/15 in Eastern during 2011-2012

Now he is in Miami Heat with his friend Wade, 46 Win and 20 Lose in this season, and finally earned his first championship, people want him to be like Michael Jordan, but Jordan is Jordan, and no one done the same things like Jordon in history, it need too much factors at the same time, a healthy body, a great coach, great teammates and some background condition like Mike, I remember Steve Kerr (one of a shooter in Bulls with Mike) said, when I get pass from Michael, I really want to get the points, or I will feel sorry for him, a leadership personality is not only from yourself but the environment and the timing also the important key point, can you find second guy like Michael Jordon, for me, no one.

Yao Ming

  • Houston Rockets
  • Win 34 Lose 32 9/15 in Western during 2011-2012

A really special C in NBA, where he from and how he play is really unique, but already retired by injured.

Do you find out that there is only one person win the NBA championship in the list, the player select system does not balance the team, you can find out that the championship team or the team be able to challenge the championship always the traditional strong team, it's rare too see without two even three stars in team have the chance to do it, most hopeful player retired with regret, or transfer to other team with the hate from the fan in origin team, burned their jersey, tore their poster.

To be like Michael Jordan? Michael was third pick in first round in 1984 , the first one was Hakeem Olajuwon, and he win his first championship in 1991, as I said, to be Mike needs many factors, if you were them, you choice to take chance to be like Michael or tried hard to win the honor even leave the team that pick you and you alreay took all your efforts? it's not even your choice to be in the team.

If you called that a betrayer if you bought his peripheral, or give all your heart to him, then hate him, God teach us remember what people done good for us, but we always remember what they have not done for us yet, and we take it for granted.